Mexican Standoff are an Heavy PowerTrio from Milan, Italy

Fabrizio and Gabriele (voice/guitar and drums) are local metal/hardcore/punk scene veterans coming from the late nineties’ punk wave. They have been playing in several hard & heavy rock bands all the while keeping a strong live attitude. Marco comes from Friuli (Italy’s north-east) and has been playing bass in several metal bands from Udine.

The bands debut record was the “Santa Muerte EP”, featuring songs distributed on a pendrive (2014).

Following this, the band set about releasing their first full LP record: on May 12 2016, they published “The Great Cockblocking Experience”, with the support of independent Decibel Records.

Mexican Standoff mix metal (Pantera, Down, Metallica, Slipknot, Blackstone Cherry), glam rock (Steel Panther, Wasp, Hardcore Superstar, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi), punk and rock. Over almost three years they have opened for various European and American bands including The Pullmen, Adam Bomb and Daikaju as well as performing at some big Italian festivals (Solidarrock 2014, PovoRock 2015 and Concrete Jungle Fest 2016). The band have additionally released two videos: Rainbow and Panoguia and they are currently continue to promote: “The Great Cockblocking Experience”.

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